Conference Topics

  • T1 - International and European standards and recommendations
  • T2 - Quality Assurance, reference fields, type testing and intercomparisons
  • T3 - New developments in external dosimetry including eye lens and extremity dosimetry
  • T4 - New developments in bio-assay, in-vivo monitoring and internal dosimetry
  • T5 - Individual monitoring in medicine, research and industry (nuclear, aircrew, space, NORM and other)
  • T6 - Dose assessment at workplaces, including exposure to radon and progeny
  • T7 - Computational methods in individual monitoring
  • T8 - Dose assessment in emergency exposure situations
  • T9 - Dose records and reporting, national dose registers and other operational issues of individual monitoring services
  • T10 - Education, training and networks on individual monitoring


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We are proud to announce you our invited talks:

  • Opening Session: Why individual monitoring (C. Wernli)
  • T1: ICRU Committee Proposal on Operational Quantities for External Radiation Exposure (N E Hertel)
  • T2: Standardisation in Dosimetry (H Zutz)
  • T3: title to be confirmed (A Rosenfelt)
  • T4: The ICRP developments in in vivo monitoring and internal dosimetry (F Paquet)
  • T5: Dosimetry of cosmic radiation - in perspective of the travel to Mars (P Bilski)
  • T6: The implications of the new International Basic Safety Standards for occupational monitoring in NORM industries (J van der Steen)
  • T7: Trends in computational human phantoms and application to personal dosimetry (C Lee)
  • T8: Dose assessment in emergency exposure situations: IRSN’s expertise (I Clairand)
  • T9: Quality Assurance in Individual Monitoring for External Radiation – Recommendations from EURADOS Survey 2012 (P J Gilvin)


  • On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday a refresher course will be organised in the morning before the start of the conference. Information about these courses can be found via the courses page.
  • On Thursday 23rd, parallel to the conference sessions, a one day course on Occupational Radiation Dosimetry is proposed by the organising committee of the IM2015 conference. More information about this day can be found via the courses page.


  • Eurados Whole body dosemeter intercomparison IC2014ph: Participants meeting
    The participants meeting of the Eurados Intercomparison for dosimetry services will be held during the IM2015 conference on Tuesday 21st of April from 16:00 to 18:00. Registered participants of the IM2015 conference can join this meeting for free but all people who want to join this meeting are asked to register online on the IC platform via Registration for this meeting only includes access to the conference for the afternoon of Tuesday 21st of April, including the session T8a on Dose assessment in emergency exposure situations and the afternoon coffee break.